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In an effort to support the realization of the vision and mission of Diponegoro University as a World Class University and the mission of the international standard Vocational School in 2020, it is necessary to encourage international scale activities within the scope of Diponegoro University. The activity is expected to further enhance the international image and competitiveness as well as bring benefits to the academicians in it.

This summer course is expected to be a promotional medium while enhancing the image of Diponegoro University in the eyes of other tertiary institutions in other countries. This activity is expected to run continuously on an annual basis, in each Faculty in Diponegoro University and in the future there will be more students, namely around 15-30 students from more countries (3-4 countries).

This activity will be followed up by the faculty by opening opportunities for international cooperation with lecturers in various fields such as research collaboration, scientific publications, student exchanges, lecturers, and education personnel, international conferences, and various other academic and non-academic activities.

Participants for this summer school activity are students at the beginning and end of the year of all Diponegoro University faculties both nationally and internationally. Participants will live in the local environment and be involved in activities that have been scheduled and offered in the following years. They will be designed to be able to have a psychological content that has a greater specificity to Indonesia, and can be transferred credit numbers at universities from foreign students who participated. Active participation in activities will help them to experience the local wisdom of Indonesian culture.